All India Test Series For NEET 2020 (For 12th or 12th Pass)

All India Test Series For NEET 2020 includes - 

  • Course Concept & Structure – Aim of test series is to develop exam taking skills, to familiarize students with the latest trend, to improve speed & accuracy and examination temperament. Test Series also provide performance feedback to students so that they can improve their weak areas at the right time to ensure success with a good rank.
  • Test Series Consists of-
    •  6 Unit wise Minor test
    •  4 Part Syllabus test
    •  2 Revision Test
    •  4 Full syllabus Major test
    •  Solutions to all test papers
  • Performance Feedback – All India Percentile Rank will be given to student along with comparative feedback so that student can improve weak areas.
  • Types of Test Series –
    •  Sit-down at the test center
    •  Postal test series to be taken at home
    •  Downloadable test series you may download the test paper & solution as per test schedule

All India Test Series Schedule : Career Point Kota Test Date Sheet

All India Test Series Syllabus : Career Point Kota Test Date Sheet

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