Chemistry Video Lectures (11th+12th) | JEE & NEET | Validity 2 Yrs | Medium : Mixed Language (E & H)

Medium : Mixed Language(E & H)

Syllabus Covered : Complete JEE & NEET Chemistry Syllabus from class 11th & 12th 

Features :

  • Video Lecture of Expert and Renowned Faculty Members
  • Lectures introduces basic to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at grass-root level
  • Understand the trickiest and complex questions of each topic
  • Learn subjects at your own pace & timings
  • Revise any topic as many times as you wish
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Video Lectures Syllabus :

 Number of Topics Covered : 35 | Number of Video Lectures : 215 | Total Lecture Duration : 195+ Hrs

Topic Covered :
UnitChaptersFaculty NameLec QtyClass
Physical Chemistry Mole ConceptGunjan Agarwal811
 Atomic StructureManoj Kumar Rana1411
 Redox and Volumetric AnalysisKamlesh Chaudhary611
 Chemical EquilibriumKamlesh Chaudhary511
 Ionic EquilibriumKamlesh Chaudhary611
 Gaseous StateRajesh Rathore711
 Chemical EnergeticsKamlesh Chaudhary711
 Chemical KineticsPankaj talwar612
 Electro ChemistryGunjan Agarwal612
 Solid StateGunjan Agarwal612
 SolutionsAmit Kumar Gautam612
 Surface ChemistrySunil Sharma412
Inorganic Chemistry Periodic TableRajesh Rathore411
 Chemical BondingVineet Agarwal1211
 Hydrogen FamilyRajesh Rathore211
 P-block ElementVineet Agarwal1211 + 12
 S-block ElementRamesh Sharda412
 Salt AnalysisAmit Pandey412
 Coordination CompoundVineet Agarwal912
 Transitional ElementVineet Agarwal412
 MetallurgyVineet Agarwal412
 Chemistry in everyday lifeSunil Sharma212
Organic Chemistry Classification and NomenclatureSunil Sharma611
 IsomerismSunil Sharma911
 General Organic ChemistryAbhishek Sharma1611
 HydrocarbonAbhishek Sharma1611 + 12
 Aromatic ChemistrySunil Sharma512
 Halogen DerivativesSunil Sharma612
 Alcohol, Phenol & EtherAbhishek Sharma312
 Carbonyl CompoundsAmit Pandey412
 Carboxylic Acid and its DerivativesAmit Pandey212
 PolymerSunil Sharma112
 Carbohydrate ,Protein ,Nucleic AcidSunil Sharma412
 AmineSunil Sharma312
 Grignard ReagentAbhishek Sharma212


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