Mathematics Video Lectures (11th+12th) | JEE Main & Advanced  | Validity 2 Yrs | Medium : Mixed Language (E & H)

Medium : Mixed Language(E & H)

Syllabus Covered : Complete JEE Main & Advanced Syllabus from class 11th & 12th 

Features :

  • Video Lecture of Expert and Renowned Faculty Members 
  • Lectures introduces basic to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at grass-root level
  • Understand the trickiest and complex questions of each topic
  • Learn subjects at your own pace & timings
  • Revise any topic as many times as you wish
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Video Lectures Syllabus :

 Number of Topics Covered : 37 | Number of Video Lectures :170 | Total Lecture Duration : 137+ Hrs

Topic Covered :
UnitChaptersFaculty NameLec QtyClass
Trignometry Trigonometric RatiosMayank Jain511
 Trigonometric EquationMayank Jain511
 Inverse Trigonometric FunctionOm Sharma811+12
 Height & DistanceSanjay Patani111
 Properties of TriangleSanjay Patani311
 Radii of CircleSanjay Patani311
Coordinate Point and Straight LineSunil Nyati811
 CircleSunil Nyati711
 ParabolaAnkit Agarwal411
 EllipseAnkit Agarwal411
 HyperbolaAnkit Agarwal311
Calculus FunctionAmit Agarwal1012
 LimitAmit Agarwal512
 ContinuityAmit Agarwal312
 DifferentiationAmit Agarwal512 
 Tangent and NormalAmit Agarwal412
 MonotonicityAmit Agarwal112
 Maxima and MinimaAmit Agarwal412
 Indefinite IntegrationShailendra Maheshwari512
 Definite IntegrationShailendra Maheshwari512
 Area Under the CurveAmit Agarwal212
 Differential EquationAmit Agarwal412
Algebra Basic MathematicsSunil Nyati211
 Number SystemSunil Nyati211
 Quadratic EquationSunil Nyati411
 ProgressionSunil Nyati711
 Logarithm and Modulus FunctionSunil Nyati311
 Binomial TheoremSunil Nyati711
 Permutation and CombinationSunil Nyati711
 ProbabilityAmit Agarwal512
 DeterminantsAmit Agarwal412
 MatricesAmit Agarwal412
 VectorAnkit Agarwal712
 3DAnkit Agarwal512
 Complex NumberSunil Nyati612
 Set & RelationUmesh Chaturvedi511
 Mathmetical ReasoningSanjay Patani312

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