Physics Video Lectures & Online Series (11th+12th) | JEE & NEET | Validity 1 Yr | Medium : Mixed Language (E & H)

Medium : Mixed Language (E & H)

Syllabus Covered : Complete JEE & NEET Physics Syllabus from class 11th & 12th 

Features :

  • Video Lecture of Expert and Renowned Faculty Members 
  • Lectures introduces basic to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at grass-root level
  • Understand the trickiest and complex questions of each topic
  • Learn subjects at your own pace & timings
  • Revise any topic as many times as you wish
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Video Lectures Syllabus :

 Number of Topics Covered : 48 | Number of Video Lectures : 294 | Total Lecture Duration : 291+ Hrs

UnitChaptersFaculty NameLec QtyClass
Basic Physics Essential MathematicsSuresh Rana311
 VectorsSuresh Rana511
 ErrorSuresh Rana111
 Unit and DimensionMartand Gaur311
Dynamics FrictionMartand Gaur411
 Work Power EnergyMartand Gaur511
 Laws of ConservationMartand Gaur1411
 Rotational MotionMartand Gaur1011
 Simple Harmonic MotionPankaj Gupta1311
 GravitationMartand Gaur711
 Properties of MatterMartand Gaur1711
 Newton's Law Of MotionPankaj Gupta1811
 Fluid MechanicsMartand Gaur511
Kinematics General KinamaticsPankaj Gupta1011
 Motion in One DimensionPankaj Gupta911
 Projectile MotionPankaj Gupta711
 Circular MotionMartand Gaur411
 Relative MotionPankaj Gupta711
Electrodynamics ElectrostaticsPM Sir1312
 Gauss LawPM Sir112
 CapacitancePM Sir1112
 Current ElectricityPM Sir1012
 Magnetic Effects of CurrentPM Sir1212
 EMIPM Sir1112
 Alternating CurrentPM Sir412
Heat and Thermodynamics CalorimetryPM Sir311
 Kinetic Theory of GasesPM Sir311
 ThermodynamicsPM Sir511
 Heat TransferPM Sir611
 Thermal ExpansionPM Sir411
Waves Transverse WavePM Sir711
 Sound WavePM Sir411
 Dopplers EffectPM Sir111
Modern Physics Atomic StructurePM Sir412
 Matter WavesPM Sir212
 Nuclear PhysicsPM Sir312
 RadioactivityPM Sir212
 Photo Electric EffectPM Sir212
 X RaysPM Sir212
 Semiconducter device & TransistorsPG Sir1312
 Communication SystemSDR Sir412
Optics Reflection at Plane SurfacePM Sir312
 Reflection at Curved SurfacePM Sir412
 Refraction at Plane SurfacePM Sir312
 PrismPM Sir312
 Lens(Refraction at Curved Surface)PM Sir512
 InterferencePM Sir312
 Optical InstrumentsSDR Sir412


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