Medium : English Language

Syllabus Covers :  Class 9th & 10th PCMB (Science & Maths) for NTSE Preperation

Features :

  • Video Lecture of Expert and Renowned Faculty Members 
  • Lectures introduces basic to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at grass-root level
  • Get trained by best minds : Chance to get groomed by the brightest minds of the country
  • Important concepts : Get scoring concepts consolidated in one place making learning simple and quick.
  • Simple and innovative learning ways : Topics and concepts are categorized in such a way that makes learning and understanding basic yet important concepts quick and easy.
  • Higher Retention : The video highlights content specific presentation strategies which makes conceptual understanding simple and results in better retention.
  • Innovative Problem Solving Techniques : Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations are used to present complex concepts
  • Learn subjects at your own pace & timings
  • Revise any topic as many times as you wish
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Video Lectures Details Syllabus :
Criteria Physics Chemistry Maths Biology
  Lecture Duration 30+Hrs 28+Hrs


  Number of Topics 14 22 23 14


Number of Topics Covered : 73 | Total Lecture Duration : 137+ Hrs

Topic Covered :
1   Motion   Matter in our Surrounding   Polynomials   Fundamental Unit of Life
2   Force & Law of Motion   Atomic Structure   Triangles and Quadrilaterals   Tissues
3   Gravitation and Flotation   The Language of Chemistry   Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals   Diversity in Living Organisms
4   Work, Energy and Power   Elements, Compounds & Mixture   Construction of Triangles   Why do we Fall Ill
5   Heat   Gaseous States   Mensuration - Cube,Cuboid and Cylinder   Improvement in Food Resources
6   Light   Study of the First Element - Hydrogen   Real Numbers   Origin of Life
7   Sound   Mole Concept and Stoichiometry   Linear Equations in Two Variables   Life Processes
8   Sources of Energy   Periodic Table   Quadratic Equations   Control and Co-ordination
9   Electricity   Chemical Bonding   Circles   Reproduction in Organisms
10   Magnetism   Chemical Reactions and Equations   Circumference and Area of a Circle   Heredity and Evolution
11   Force, Work Energy and Power   Acids, Bases and Salts   Compound Interest   Our Environment
12   Modern Physics   Electrolysis   Similarity   Management of Natural Resources
13   Metallurgy   Co-ordinate Geometry   Biomolecules
14   Analytical Chemistry   Trigonometry   Biotechnology and Its Applications
15   Organic Chemistry   Statistics
16   Ammonia   Surds and Logarithms
17   Hydrogen Chloride   Progression and Series
18      Construction
19     Mensuration -Cone and Sphere
20   Heights and Distance
21   Probability
22   Matrices
23   Commercial Mathematics


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