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Syllabus Covered: Complete JEE Mains & Adv Syllabus from class 11th & 12th 

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  • Video Lectures for JEE Mains & Adv introduces basic to advanced concepts in a simple manner with a graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at a grass-root level
  • Understand the trickiest and complex questions of each topic
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Video Lectures Syllabus :

Number of Topics Covered: 120 | Number of Video Lectures: 679 | Total Lecture Duration: 623+ Hrs

Topic Covered :
S.No. Physics Chemistry Mathematics
1   Essential Mathematics   Mole Concept   Trigonometric Ratios
2   Vectors   Atomic Structure   Trigonometric Equation
  Error   Redox and Volumetric Analysis   Inverse Trigonometric Function
4   Unit and Dimension   Chemical Equilibrium   Height & Distance
5   Friction   Ionic Equilibrium   Properties of Triangle
6   Work Power Energy   Gaseous State   Radii of Circle
7   Laws of Conservation   Chemical Energetics   Point and Straight Line
8   Rotational Motion   Chemical Kinetics   Circle
9   Simple Harmonic Motion   Electro-Chemistry   Parabola
10   Gravitation   Solid State   Ellipse
11   Properties of Matter   Solutions   Hyperbola
12   Newton's Law Of Motion   Surface Chemistry   Function
13   Fluid Mechanics   Periodic Table   Limit
14   General Kinematics   Chemical Bonding   Continuity
15   Motion in One Dimension   Hydrogen Family   Differentiation
16   Projectile Motion   P-block Element   Tangent and Normal
17   Circular Motion   S-block Element   Monotonicity
18   Relative Motion   Salt Analysis   Maxima and Minima
19   Electrostatics   Coordination Compound   Indefinite Integration
20    Gauss Law   Transitional Element   Definite Integration
21   Capacitance   Metallurgy   Area Under the Curve
22   Current Electricity   Chemistry in everyday life   Differential Equation
23   Magnetic Effects of Current   Classification and Nomenclature   Basic Mathematics
24   EMI   Isomerism   Number System
25   Alternating Current   General Organic Chemistry   Quadratic Equation
26   Calorimetry   Hydrocarbon   Progression
27   Kinetic Theory of Gases   Aromatic Chemistry   Logarithm and Modulus Function
28   Thermodynamics   Halogen Derivatives   Binomial Theorem
29   Heat Transfer   Alcohol, Phenol & Ether   Permutation and Combination
30   Thermal Expansion   Carbonyl Compounds   Probability
31   Transverse Wave   Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives   Determinants
32   Sound Wave   Polymer   Matrices
33   Doppler Effect   Carbohydrate, Protein, Nucleic Acid   Vector
34   Atomic Structure   Amine   3D
35   Matter Waves   Grignard Reagent   Complex Number
36   Nuclear Physics   Set & Relation
37   Radioactivity   Mathematical Reasoning
38   Photo Electric Effect   
39   X Rays
40   Semiconducter device & Transistors
41   Communication System
42   Reflection at Plane Surface
43   Reflection at Curved Surface
44   Refraction at Plane Surface
45   Prism
46   Lens (Refraction at Curved Surface)
47   Interference


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