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Syllabus Covered : Complete NEET Syllabus from class 11th & 12th 

Features :

  • Video Lecture of Expert and Renowned Faculty Members 
  • Lectures introduces basic to advance concepts in simple manner with graduated set of logical &
  • Numerical examples with applications in various situations Gain Complete concept clarity and deep insight on topics at grass-root level
  • Self-paced study: Study at your own pace and convenience. Speed-up or slow-down based on your level of preparation.
  • Get trained by experts: Chance to get trained by the brightest minds of the country
  • Facilitate leaning: Innovative and effective ways of delivering the required content
  • Visual approach: Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations are used to explain complex concepts.
  • Flexible Medium: Facility to stop, rewind and play the video to understand a key concept.
  • Higher retention: The video stimulates and engages user by creating interest which is maintained for longer period of time. 
  • Understand the trickiest and complex questions of each topic
  • Revise any topic as many times as you wish
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Video Lectures Syllabus :

Number of Topics Covered : 100 | Number of Video Lectures : 1354 | Total Lecture Duration : 467+ Hrs

Topics Covered :

Physics Chemistry Biology
 Units, Dimensions and Errors  Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions  The Living World
 Experimental Physics  Atomic Structure  Biological Classification - Part 1
 Motion in a Straight Line  Gaseous State  Biological Classification - Part 2
 Motion in a Plane  Chemical Equilibrium  Plant Kingdom
 Forces and Laws of Motion  Ionic Equilibrium  Animal Kingdom (Nonchordates)
 Work, Energy and Power  Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry  Animal Kingdom (Chordates)
 Centre of Mass and the Law of Conservation of Momentum  Periodic Table and Periodicity  Morphology of Flowering Plants
 Rotational Mechanics  Chemical Bonding  Anatomy of Flowering Plants
 Gravitation  Hydrogen and s-block Elements  Structrual Organisation in Animals
 Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity  Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry  Cell: The Unit of Life
 Fluid Mechanics  Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry  Biomolecules
 Heat Transfer  Isomerism  Cell Cycle & Cell Division
 Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion  Alkanes  Transport in Plants
 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics  Alkenes & Alkynes  Mineral Nutrition
 Waves on a String  Practical Organic Chemistry  Photosynthesis in Higher plants
 Sound Waves  Electrochemistry  Respiration in Plants
 Electric Charges, Forces and Fields  Chemical Kinetics  Plant Growth & Development
 Electric Potential and Capacitance  Solutions and Colligative Properties  Digestions & Absorption
 Current Electricity   Surface Chemistry  Breathing & Exchange of Gases
 Moving Charges and Magnetism  P-block Elements  Body Fluids & Circulation
 Electromagenetic Induction  Solid State  Excretory Products & their Elimination
 Alternating Current  Extractive Metallurgy  Locomotion & Movement
 Electromagnetic Waves  Qualitative Analysis  Neural Control & Co-ordination
 Geometrical Optics  D and F-block Elements  Chemical Co-ordination & Integration
 Wave Optics   Co-ordination Compounds  Reproduction in Organisms
 Modern Physics  Alkyl Halides and Aromatic Compounds  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
 Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity  Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers  Human Reproduction
 Semi-conductor and Communication System  Aldehydes & Ketones  Reproductive Health
 Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives  Principles of Inheritance & Variation
 Amines and Aromatic Compounds Containing Nitrogen  Molecular Basis of Inheritance
 Biomolecules and Polymers  Evolution
 Chemistry in Everyday Life  Human Health & Disease
 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
 Microbes in Human Welfare
 Biotechnology: Principles & Processes
 Biotechnology and its Application
 Organism & Population
 Biodiversity & Conservation
 Environmental Issues


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